Romek Romuald J. Zylla
As a matter of fact it is probably my first digital picture taken by an image analyser and close loop TV camera in 127 shades of gray. Do not laugh, it was around 1985.
The equipment was: PC XT with Hercules card, frame graber made at Lodz Tech. University, TV camera and VCR for real life objects.
I wrote a program to convert from a proprietary picture standard to something more usable and I put later a little color to it just for fun.

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Quote: "The world doesn't have to be in a pretty state, but it's definitely good to be in a known state!"
Jessica Fossler-Microsoft (Penn 2000)

Technical editor advice:
"Never use 'Utilize' when you can utilize 'Use' !"

utility programs - some of them I wrote myself

antivirial page - shareware progs

Some JavaScript and Games written by me

all games work in Netscape 3+, MS IE 4+, Opera 3.6 and WebTV

These games are referenced on several sites.

Cortney L. Pickering a 20 year-old college chick from Oklahoma
describes it as: "Towers of Hanoi Puzzle - good way to waste time"

Alessio, Computer Science Student at University of Bologna, Italy, wrote:
It's very nice! It's fast, enjoying and really well done.

Paul K. Stockmeyer description:

"Towers of Hanoi Puzzle
This rather nice interactive program by Romuald Zylla has the extra feature that you can have it scramble the disks into a random arrangement on the three pegs, giving the user more of a challenge. A hint button gives the next move in an optimal solution if the user is in doubt. The lazy user can hit the hint button repeatedly to see a full solution."

"Shari's Fun 'n Games" -Assorted- Free games compatible with WebTV.

"Towers of Hanoi
Here's a nice one. Choose 3-15 discs and if you get stuck, click on help and the computer will make your next move. For more than 10 discs, click on 10 and the next screen shows 11-15."

Towers of Hanoi is a popular link for math students - see: Red Rocks Community College "An artist has developed this web site and there are many other geometric puzzles included, as well as many links to other sites, and interesting original artworks."

Towers of Hanoi code analysis - see: CIS 119/106 - Notes for 4/7/05 :
"Today's lecture looked at a couple of web sites which do interesting things in JavaScript. We went through the source code in detail to see what techniques the authors used, and to critique the programming.
The first page we looked at was an implementation of the Towers of Hanoi game by Polish programmer R.J.Zylla. The version we looked at is available at Mr. Zylla uses many ingenious techniques to simplify his coding and make the code more readily cross-browser compatible."
BTW They have very good course of JavaScript

While browsing through that page I found translation button which led to the site of Translation Experts Ltd. I used that button and translated the whole page into Polish. Please read translation and laugh with me:

"Wieże od Hanoi
Tutaj jest pewien miły jeden. Wybierać 3-15 dyski i je¶li ty utkn±ć, trzaskać u pomagać i ten rachmistrz wola zrobić twój najbliższy ruszyć z miejsca. Pod k±tem więcej niż 10 dyski, trzaskać u 10 i ten najbliższy tęcza pokazuje 11-15."

The translation is really funny - if you know Polish - that is ;)

Niuanse tłumaczenia mog± stać się powodem międzynarodowej afery!. vide casus DieTagezeitung- Kaczyński

mail to me - Romek
  After major robbery made on Ken Zylla Gallery,
  at 1997 July 1st, this page was massively visited.
The paintings above were the original works by Ken Zylla
grabbed from    (not available now)

Other page with Ken Zylla paintings
Surfing on the Internet I discovered I have relatives in the USA. :-)

Odmiana Liczebników
- wersja artykułu opublikowanegow PC Kurier
BASIC dla MERA400, Turbo Pascal (1993) i uwagi do Facebooka - 2014

Some Computer Science definitions

Some Features you may Need on your Computer

ciekawostki naukowe

tajemnice numerów PESEL

Słownik Krzyżówkowicza - on line
mój pierwszy program napisany w PHP
przeróbka programu w TurboPaskalu (1993)

Z protokołów zgłoszeniowych PZU

ze wspomnień programisty
nie moje teksty ale lekkie, łatwe i przyjemne

strona programów antywirusowych

artykuł lek. med. J. Tarasiuk o Boreliozie
- chorobie przenoszonej przez kleszcze. wersja win1250

404 page - really good one

jaki server tu uzywacie ?

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